Long-Term Care

Our Long Term Care Program is aimed at sustaining each residents maximum physical, social and cognitive function. The staff at Hopkins are frequently in-serviced by our in house education coordinator to ensure the highest level of care is given. Our professional nursing staff are available 24 hours a day Seven days a week as well as our in house physician and nurse practitioner.

Weekly meetings are held to ensure that all patients have up to date care plans dealing with each persons individual well being. This is completed with the staff as well as the residents family to guarantee our residents are reaching their highest potential. Care plans are designed to incorporate all aspects of care for a person such as social service, recreation therapy, rehabilitation, dietary and nursing amongst others.

Specialized Wound Care

Hopkins Center offers a comprehensive treatment program for individuals in need of wound care. We care for patients recovering from all types of wounds with the assistance from our in house wound care doctor. Stasis wounds, pressure ulcers , grafts, and surgically complicated wounds are all handled by our specially trained staff in a caring manner.

Our wound care physician over looks all of our patients that requires a wound-vac, which delivers negative pressure wound therapy. Also available for patients with healing wounds are air loss mattresses, which allows for more comfort and quicker healing process.


At Hopkins Center we have provided an environment for you that will make you feel as though you are staying in a luxury hotel. With our newly renovated units, our decor will be nothing like your average health care facility.

On site Amenities:

  • Full service beauty parlor
  • Multi faith chapel
  • Cable television
  • Wifi access
  • Formal dining area
  • Resident lounges
  • Courtyard